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My New Favourite Word
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My new favourite word is "Voorwerp". OK, so, I'm going to have some issues using it in a sentence, but I'm going to try.

What is it I hear you ask? Voorwerp is a Dutch word that means "Object" or "Thing". Most recent it came to prominence because of a project called Galaxy Zoo were members of the public, the Hoi Polli if you will, were invited to help classify celestial objects from a large collection of pictures. A Dutch lady spotted an object which has since been officially named Hanny's Voorwerp. And in interesting thingy it is.

This prompted me to ask my Dutch-speaking mother about it. Which prompted her to offer to get me a "woordenboek", which is the Dutch word for Dictionary! Literally "Word And Book!"

Time I learnt another language... Aside from nerd.


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