Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I Have Two Words For You

:-P and :-P

You can talk, pokemon girl!

You must send this to Malcolm.

So just over twice the size, wouldn't that bring the frequency down to more of a HF level.....

Re: Wow, impressive!

You are a nerd....

I'd better watch out, they might get onto me about copyright violation... :-)

Many powers of magnitude better than something with barbed wire, or a dragon!

I like my tattoos unique. The number of shit Celtic or tribal tattoos I've seen! Damn man, if you're getting a tat out of a catalogue, it's not worth the effort.

That's the original, from a comic I now can't locate... Ah, here we go: What Would Henry Rollins Do?

i think ure next tattoo should be a portrait of Henry Rollins

That would be strangely post modern and self referential... I could get a tattoo of Henry and some of his tattoos!!!!

in all of my maturity i'm going to dare u to do it

double dare u even


Well, I know the rules - I HAVE to do it if you've double dared me! A bit like double Brie :-)

personally i'm the camembert type .......

*boom* *tish*

Woah, cyclist's legs ahoy! :D check out those calves!

You should see my quads. My biceps aren't bad either :-)

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