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Comedy and Curry
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
Got dragged to more comedy last night - I make it sound like such a pain :-)

Once and future Housemate Barbara had tickets to Greatness Thrust Upon Them, which wasn't bad, quite a clever little idea and good use of Jelly Beans.

Then we we popped in to see Andrew McClelland's Guide to Being a Modern Gentleman, which was a real crack up. The dude's a funny man. Anyone who can get a huge laugh by saying "BROADBANDY!!!!!" in a funny voice knows how to run a funny show. Deft use of a tea towel too. Not to mention the free cravat we all received.

Barbara also took me out for Curry (burp - good curry), but of course I didn't put our for her :-P

I did feed her for the better part of two years when she was unemployed and we shared a house, so I guess she owes me.


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