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Random things that popped into my head while I drove home
Having seen The Drugs at the Espy tonight, I took the long way home, through Port Melbourne, under the Westgate bridge, onto City Stink. Quiet and pretty.

Random things popped into my head as I drove. Some of them are:

Software, creating software, which is what I do for a living, is rapidly becoming just a kind of manufacturing. It's not an art any more (if it ever was) now it's more like cranking the handle and the code coming out the other end. And increasingly the code factories are overseas, just like most manufacturing these days.

Everything has a number associated with it. Every event, every hospital admission, every speeding ticket, every book that gets loaned gets a unique ID attached to it. Everything is logged in a database so it can be billed or graphed or compared... I wonder if all these numbers are globally unique? I wonder if they resent being used just as some kind of index?

Ah, there may have been more, I can't remember now.


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