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Forget Canberra
Orange Hair
Apparently the centre of power in Oz this summer is in Altona.

Actually, makes me kinda... Well, makes me think of the contrast with the last government certainly, and makes one kinda proud that a chick from the western suburbs can end up running the country.

Reminds me of the time I bumped into the then deputy prime minister in Readings on Lygon street. That was random.

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Wow, that's impressive, I knew her office was in Werribee (as it's on the way to my Job Network Provider) but was unaware that she lives in Altona. That's pretty cool. It doesn't even look like one of the haughty houses that are cropping up around them parts either. Nioce!

Of course, I also didn't know that Mad Max was shot in Altona. I can understand why.

Yep, sounds like she's your local member. Write her a letter about how you'd like to lick chocolate off her... Er, I mean, how she's doing a great job right on sister :-)

She is very Kath and Kim isn't she? Ah well.

Don't tell me they're building McManshion out there too.

Mad Max, or at least one scene, was also filmed at Melbourne Uni in the freaky underground carpark under the south lawn.

"The last of the V8 interceptors..."

Saw Robert Doyle while busking once, when he was still opposition leader. Does that count?

Sure, why not. A politician is a politician.

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