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Fuse = Bang
Drawing of a trike
Fark. Stupid flat. I'm glad I'm planning to move Real Soon Now.

I was grillin' me some dinner, y'all. Er. When something in my oven/griller went "Pop!" and the electronic fuse switchy thing flipped over into the "Off" position. And is refusing to go back to On. So clearly I needs me an electrician.

Which is going to be fucked. I've been hassling my real estate agents for MONTHS about my kitchen tap - which has now become completely detached. I even took it in to their office and showed it to their bemused receptionist. Still no movement on that front - as a renter it's my right to call a plumber if repairs aren't carried out in a reasonable time! Which I think will be next Monday. Then one is allowed to deduct the cost from one's rent.

Darn it, I liked that grill. I'll have to get me one of those George Foreman things :-)


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